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English pronunciation course 

Pronunciation is very much a “must” skill for any English language learner.  There are many important reasons all students need to focus on correct form and pronunciation

Let’s watch the video below, and you yourself might know the importance of proper pronunciation



note:I’m the ‘boss’ of the course

 Introduction to the various elements of pronunciation and discussion of individual needs and objectives

  • What is pronunciation?
  • Individual needs and objectives
  • Phonemes and sounds in isolation – consonants
  • IPA – super important

Rhythm – word and sentence stress

  • Understanding syllables and syllable stress
  • Word and sentence Stress
  • Rhythm
  • Sounds in isolation – consonants

Rhythm – word stress and sentence stress

Intonation: Rising and falling speech patterns and inflection

  • Voice and vocal quality
  • Summary of the group’s needs and objectives
  • Intonation: rising and falling speech patterns
  • Intonation: inflection
  • Sounds in isolation – consonants

Linking in connected speech (connected speech and linking sounds)

  • Connected speech: linking and sound mergers
  • Sounds in isolation – consonants

Vowels – monophthongs

  • Sounds in isolation – vowels (monophthongs)

Vowels – diphthongs

  • Sounds in isolation – vowels (diphthongs)
  • Summing it all up
  • Suggestions for self-study

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