30 days of English course – see, look and watch – day 7

Hi, guys! Welcome to 30 days of English course. Today is day 7

A few days ago, I’ve come across with the question “What’s the difference between SEE, LOOK AND WATCH?” These words can easily confuse students of English as they all relate to actions done with our eyes.


Being able to know the difference between see, look and watch. First of all, we have to think about how long we’re actually doing action for.

See and look have shortest time spend

If I say “look at the lady”, is it fast?=> Yes, it’s fast

If I say “Did you see that”, is it the fast action =>Yes, it’s a fast action.

But watch takes a longer time. Let’s think of things you actually watch

Can you watch a movie? Can you watch TV? Can you watch people?(You’re at the park. You’re sitting on the bench watching people going back and forth)

  1. How long do you usually watch a movie? It’s more than an hour
  2. How long do you watch TV with your parents? Hours

Do these actions take a short time? No, they don’t take a short time. They obviously take a longer time to do it.

In conclusion

See in an inactive word. When your eyes are open, you do it without thinking, without any effort.

For example:

  • If I throw the pen to the wall and then, ask my student the question “Did you see that?” or you really saw it?

Look is an active word. You must want to do it. You make an effort to see, but it’s for a short time. LOOK goes well with the preposition AT if you’re looking at something

For example

  • Hey, guys! look at me now

Did you want to look at me? Yes

Did you have to think of paying attention to me? Yes

Did you have to make an effort to see me? Yes

Watch is also an active word.You must want to do it. You make an effort to see, but it’s for a long period of time.

For example

  • Did you see spider-man? (the movie)

That’s it and hope you enjoy it. See you guys next time

Peace out!




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