30 days of English course – How was your weekend? – day 2

how_was_your_weekendHey, friends. Welcome to 30 days of English with SHUT UP AND SPEAK ENGLISH. Today is day 2.

Do you want to get confident in English at work, in school or anywhere? One important way to get confident to make relationships  and connections with people around your life by talking to them, get to know them, but what kind of topic do you want to use to open your conversation?. The weekend!  everyone loves the weekend.Weekends are a huge topic of conversation.

There’s a bit problem. Sometimes, you find it quite difficult to talk about your weekend and one way to talk about your weekend is to give them an adjective which says more about how it was. When you’re talking about your weekend, you probably just don’t want to say “Oh, my weekend was good or my weekend was bad”. You need other words to really be able to describe how good or bad it was.

Let’s say you had a bad weekend and you need to describe how bad it was. Here are some words you can use:

  • boring : you could say my weekend was boring. Not that just nothing had happened but it was nothing happened in a way that you had no fun and you were upset about it. It was really boring.
  • terrible: my weekend was terrible. And this would mean, like something actually bad happened like, your car stopped working or someone you know ended up in the hospital, something really bad happened.
  • horrible: which is really similar to terrible, but horrible is even stronger than terrible. My weekend was horrible. Just nothing was good at all.
  • awful: it is maybe not as strong as horrible or terrible , but it means that there was nothing nothing good happened.

Now let’s talk about the adjectives that you need if your weekend wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad, but it was just somewhere in the middle. Many Vietnamese learners would probably say “oh, it was normal”or “it was so so”, but native English speakers would almost never use the words “normal” or ” so so” to describe their weekend. These words soud really strange. You can say “my weekend was uneventful” instead.

  • uneventful: my weekend was uneventful meaning nothing really happened
  • ok: my weekend was ok. it’t not great, not terrible. it’s just ok.
  • fine:  If you say your weekend is fine, people are going to think “oh it wasn’t that good it was just OK, fine”.
  • whatever:”Oh my weekend was whatever” means nothing to say about it. I probably sat at home and watched some TV

So if your weekend wasn’t good and wasn’t bad, you can say it was ok, uneventful, fine and whatever.

Finally, the most important section because I hope all of your weekends are really good. The first word you can use

  • amazing: my weekend was amazing. It means something wonderful happened: You saw a friend you hadn’t seen in a long time, you mom got a new job and you guys had a party together.
  • awesome: my weekend was awesome. When you use the word “awesome”, people are going to think  you got to do something pretty cool. You did something that you don’t usually get to do, something out of the ordinary and something that was really cool like: You hiked in the Ham Lon mountain with your girlfriend and you guys did have a small party on the top of the mountain.
  • Great: my weekend was great. You maybe you didn’t anything that unique, but it was just nice

All of these words are going to mean a lot more than just saying good . When you’re trying to say that you had a good weekend  you can use amazing, awesome, great, fantastic, wonderful and so on.

When it comes to talking about your last weekend, don’t just say “oh, it was good, or bad or so so”. They’re quite boring words and sometimes can’t describe your weekend truly.

Useful tip: If you get any of these questions

  • How was your day?
  • How was your weekend?
  • How is it going? (it’s a greeting)
  • How are you doing?/how ya doin’? (it’s a greeting) and so on. You can use all of the adjectives to describe what you want to say. For example: John: Hey, how’s it going, man. Nick: It’s going amazing,bro!

Hope you know how to describe your weekend with much more descriptive words. If you like my lesson, make sure to give it a like and share, friends. Have a fabulous day!



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