How to learn English better



You don’t need to live in an English-speaking country to become fluent in English. If you are smart about the way you learn English. you don’t even need to leave your home town. Use these top tips for to improve your English without even leaving your country. I’m Vietnamese. Do I really have to leave my country to be able to speak English naturally? Always keep it in mind CONNECTION not PERFECTION!

Surround yourself with English

You don’t need to be in an English-speaking country to surround yourself with English. Find ways to make English part of your everyday life at home, like writing your shopping list, reading the newspaper, listening to the radio, podcast, writing a diary in English, switch your apps, your social media into English or listening to English on your cellphone while traveling to work.

Make English friends

Even if you don’t live in an English-speaking country, there are probably many foreigners living nearby. Find ways to meet native English-speakers: going to foreign bars and restaurants, joining sport and social clubs, or arranging language exchanges. You could even volunteer as a guide at a local tourist attraction to meet English-speakers from all over the world. There’re a bit problem, “NO INPUT – NO OUTPUT”, so don’t talk to them as a material to practice speaking English, talk to them like you guys are friends even don’t really understand each other. You guys always think I gotta be perfect, be correct before I get myself out there and talk to people. That’s too late, my friend. As an old saying goes “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, so just give yourself a chance and get to know the world.

Find study partners

You don’t need native speakers to practice your English. Find a study partner, or form an English club and meet regularly to speak English. You can motivate each other, and you will learn by helping others with their problems. But much more of an annoying problem is, whenever you open your mouth to speak a little English or tell your friends that you want to attend an English club, class or just a group of English learners, they literally just laugh at your face and something like this kind of happens often to my friends “You’re learning English?”. Guys, screw them up and don’t listen to them, listen to yourself and know exactly  what you want to do in your life. Do you know why Steve Jobs is freaking successful in his life just because he works on his own shit every day and doesn’t really care about what people think of him. You aren’t him, but be yourself and try your best to get your own stuff done.

Use authentic materials

Just reading English in textbooks can get boring. Try reading English texts written for and by native speakers. It will be a challenge at first but a lot more interesting once you can do it. If you can’t find English books or magazines, use the Internet to read the news in English every day. Why not take a look at the  English free online course and check your skills with our free English test, try fun quizzes, learn with our ebooks and more?. I myself like cooking and just want to cook some Italian food or American, so YOUTUBE every day is my life. If you’re interested in anything, it can be comics books, boxing, fashion, etc.Just go ahead and enjoy having fun with them.

Set yourself realistic goals

Give yourself a reason for studying: do you want to get a promotion, be able to talk to your foreign colleagues, study abroad, or spend your next holiday in an English-speaking country? Set short-term as well as long-term goals, and keep track of your progress. When I first started learning English, I was a disciplined man, wake up at six and go to bed at 22 and I could always spend time to learn English every day without feeling tired or bored. Of course, I had goals for every day, but they were small, not big but enjoyable and challenging. I became a grown-ass man somehow. And then I realized that it wasn’t about learning English, a language, it was about how you get better in life every day, be more confident and absolutely be proud of yourself.

Listen to real English

Train your ear by listening to English spoken at normal speed, even if you don’t understand everything. Also practice listening without seeing things written down and don’t be afraid to listen to things several times to catch any interesting or unusual vocabulary in there. It’s easy to find free English podcasts online and news agencies from most English-speaking countries have audio and video news available for free online. I see a lot of people listen to fake English like “How are you? I’m fine , thank you and you?”. I’m like “What kind of language are you talking to me?” Guess what? “English”. OMG, that’s one of the reasons you get so bored when it comes to learning English, but once you listen to real English, I’m sure you’re going to love the English language surprisingly. Trust me!

Learn about the culture

Find out about the people and the culture of English-speaking countries. Learning a language is not just about grammar and vocabulary: it’s about communicating with people who have different ways of thinking as well as speaking!

Talk to yourself

When I first started learning English, I found nobody practice speaking English with, plus I’m someone of an introvert and of course I don’t really like being out there with people, even I know it’s more fun talking to people than to myself. But I just couldn’t help it. That’s why I decided to spend a lot of time talking to myself in my room, in public and I know if you talk to yourself in public, you’re going to get a bunch of strange looks from people, but ya know? Who really cares! So even now I still talk to myself every day and it’s really interesting and so much fun.

That’s it and hope you get yourself some useful tips.


This is a collection of useful websites for you guys to learn if you’re truly interested in the English language. Give it a shot and your life will completely change for damn sure.



1- Conversational English or

2- Pronuncition

Rachel English:

Game IPA

Jenifer English pronunciation:

Pronunciation skills (amazing)

3- Real life English conversations

Tipsy yak – learning English and American culture (fantastic)

Mmm English (beautiful British accent)

TVshows and comedy

1- Kitchen nightmares

2- Master chef

3– Key and peele

Comic books

Cuz I’m big fan of dragon ball


1- Better at English 

2- Voa 

3- All ears English 

4-English teacher Melanie


1-  it’s free (sub)

2- it’s free ( sub and no sub)


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