30 days of English course – Saying goodbye – day 1


Hey friends! Welcome to the first day of 30 days of English with SHUT UP AND SPEAK ENGLISH WITH MR.LEE.

Today, we’re going to talk about something that may sound really simple, but when you go to do it, it can get really complicated. “Saying goodbye”.


Let’s just start with the word “goodbye”. I would almost never say goodbye. If I said goodbye, it would probably be when I’m upset or angry with someone. “Goodbye” itself is actually one of the most formal ways to say goodbye to someone. Here are some situations in which “Goodbye” is appropriate:

  • You’ve broken up with your partner. You’re sad about it. You think that you may never see this person again.
  • You’re angry with a family member. You say this as you slam the door or hang up the phone.


Son: What’s taking so long? Mom (he’s kind of losing his patience)

Mom: Wait a minute. I’m coming.

5 minutes later…

Son: Jeez mom, goodbye. I don’t need you anymore.


What’s the most common way to say goodbye in English? It would just be “Bye”. It’s simple, great and fits almost every scenario. You can say “bye” to anyone you know, from friends to co-workers to clients.

For example: Bye guys, bye teacher, bye mom, bye bad, etc.


Let’s take a look at the phrase “bye bye”. I hear this a lot. Bye bye is just something that native English speakers actually only say to very small children.”Bye-bye, bye -bye” you would say that to maybe a 2 year old. Never say bye-bye to an aldult.  it can either sound childish or sometimes flirtatious.

WHAT TO SAY BEFORE SAYING “BYE”? (with friends that you know)

When you’re with your friends or people that you know and you’re having a conversation and the night ending, you don’t usually just say “bye” and then walk out the door. There’s something else you have to say for it to seem normal. So, normal things to say would be something like “see you later” “see ya” “talk to you later” “catch you later” “see ya around” and so on. That would be something that you commonly say before saying bye to people that you know well

For example: “thanks so much for having us over, talk to you later, bye”, “Thanks bro, bye”, “Thanks, man, bye” and so forth.

WHAT TO SAY BEFORE SAYING “BYE”? (for the first time)

If you’re meeting someone for the first time, whether it be in business or in personal life, before you say bye you always say something like “it was really nice to meet you” “It was great to see you” “it was fancy talking with you” and so on. it’s a great thing to say these when you’re saying you’re goodbye.

For example: “it was really nice to meet you, bye”.


As far as I know, saying goodbye is not enough in American culture. Now, let’s take a deeper look at the American cultural use of hugging and handshake beacause Americans hug , shake hands each other a lot. It’s very common for young American men and women to hug or do a hand shake, but here are something you need to think about when you decide on shaking hands or hugging?

  • where are you?
  • who are you saying goodbye to?
  • how close are you to the person?

Hugging? You don’t do this with someone you’ve never met when meeting, in the case you probably do a hand shake. Also, don’t hug in business settings (don’t hug clients, managers, bosses, etc.)

  • For example: Thanks so much for meeting with me (do a hand shake)

but when it’s a friend, you hug when you meet up or part ways with them

  • For example: It was a great party. Thanks man (hug), talk to you soon, bye.

It can happen even when you’ve just met someone . Let’s say you’re at a small party, and you meet someone for the first time and at the end of the night, you might hug that person

  • For example: Thanks for having me, Christina. The party was amazing (hug), see you soon, bye.

Men and women alike hug as a greeting and as a goodbye. Though sometimes, men do something more of a slap than a hug. It can get awkward through. Some people are less comfortable with hugging, and might offer you a hand right as you offer a hug. In these cases, you just have to figure out what to do. If you’re not sure what to do, you can try to wait for the other person to initiate. This would be a good way to keep some distance between you and the other person and to avoid the hug.

That’s it. I hope you liked  my first lesson of 30 days of English. Hope this has helped you and make sure to share it with your friends if you think it’s interesting and useful.



2 thoughts on “30 days of English course – Saying goodbye – day 1

  1. Cách học này rất có ích ạ. Nhưng e nghĩ nên cho cả phần dịch bằng tiếng việt cho những người kém như em dễ hiểu với ạ.

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